Domestic and worldwide tours via private jet companies can be quite expensive. Commonly, high-profile celebrities, top-class business executives, and touring musicians are the ones who can afford private rides.

Undoubtedly, private jet prices are reasonable considering the uninterrupted access to first-class facilities. Compared to booking seats via commercial aviation companies, the services of private aircraft operators appear to be affordable only for the rich and famous.

But, are they really? Here are two factors that go into costing private jet prices:
Aircraft Range & Size – the range, or the distance that an aircraft can fly during take-off until landing, is a major factor in the cost of private jet rental. This is due to the amount of fuel necessary during the entire operation. Usually, a bigger aircraft (with a higher passenger capacity) can reach a higher range. And the aircraft’s higher range, the costlier the rental.
Another factor is the aircraft size. Because it offers more room, a bigger aircraft is preferable for more convenience. Usually, a bigger aircraft (with a higher passenger capacity) amounts to a higher cost.
The commonly available private aircrafts are:
Light aircraft (6-8 passenger capacity)
Medium aircraft (7-9 passenger capacity)
Jumbo aircraft (10-15 passenger capacity)
Helicopter (5 passenger capacity)
Ultra long range aircraft (15-17 passenger capacity)

Average Cost per Flight Hour – the total flight hours is the length of time an aircraft operates – from takeoff to landing. Private jet operators charge rentals based on their per flight hour rates. Your “meter” starts when the aircraft starts running.

Depending on what you intend to do or where you are flying off to, you might be surprised that you can actually afford a private jet rental. It would not hurt to ask around and see how much you need to save up for that private plane ride.