The World of Private Aircraft Charters

Rock-It Air Charter’s clients

Rock-It Air Charter’s clients come from myriad and varied backgrounds as well as business concerns and industries.  Some are private individuals and business executives while others come from entertainment companies, sports clubs and the financial fields.  They all possess one common denominator and that is their desire to utilize the cost- and time-effective benefits as well as experience the luxury that come with chartering private aircraft.

Rock-It Air Charter has more than 10 years of aviation expertise and is one of the world’s leading business jet brokerage operations. This outline has been developed to aid our clients in understanding each of the many benefits that result from taking chartered private and business aircraft.  RAC’s reputation for providing VIP corporate aircraft services in four particular areas of expertise – Corporate charters, Concert Tours, TV/Movie shoots and Private/vacation flights lends itself to inherently understanding a clients’ needs.

Private Charter Benefits

Time is indeed Money

The most basic fact is, when a passenger can fly to and from virtually any airport they choose, non-stop and can designate the precise time they wish to depart, their time is maximized as completely as possible.  Circumventing the normal hassles associated with commercial airlines, airports and rigid flight schedules can make otherwise impossible trips an absolute success.  All of which can be done with the passenger feeling more at ease and refreshed upon arrival.

Passengers can also choose to visit multiple destinations within a single day that can otherwise never be accommodated by commercial flight schedules.  The time and cost savings alone for business travelers could result in greater amounts of business accomplished in a shorter time-frame resulting in an overall economic savings versus multiple commercial airfares.

Airport Access

Chartering private aircraft gains access to 10x more airports throughout the world than can be accessed by typical scheduled carriers. Access to smaller local airports provides passengers more travel freedom and availability.  Further, when more privacy and security is required, charter passengers have access to private airline terminals ensuring that their arrivals and departures happen more safely and discreetly. Additionally, check-in procedures may only take a few minutes compared to the two hours required for scheduled airlines.

Absolute Flexibility

A chartered aircraft is at the complete disposal of the passenger and changing flight times or destinations (even while in-flight) provides the passenger with complete control and absolute travel flexibility.

Safety and Discretion

When a passenger knows everyone onboard – the crew and all other passengers as well – complete discretion, privacy and security is achieved.

Comfort and Luxury

All levels of luxury are attainable depending on aircraft size, model and configuration. Certain aircraft provide First-Class VIP seating while some larger planes provide sofas, beds, dining and meeting areas as well as complete entertainment areas – all of which can be used in-flight. Virtually all catering and refreshments can be sourced and provided by private flight attendants giving all passengers an unparalleled luxurious and relaxing experience.

Utilizing Rock-It Air Charter as a Broker

As a charter aircraft broker, Rock-It Air Charter serves the client to secure a desired aircraft as well as help plan and completely manage the trip.  RAC’s unique and extensive knowledge and experience will assist and secure all aspects of chartering aircraft.

Complete Services

RAC provides complete information on all available aircraft as desired by the client as well as arranges routing, schedules and destinations as required.  Working within a clients budget, price quotes are given with all aircraft specifications and configurations.  RAC removes any inconveniences associated with chartering aircraft and strives to make the entire process easy and seamless while keeping the client always informed of all charter aspects.

Time and Cost Benefits

With all necessary information given by the client, RAC will match all available aircraft to fulfill the clients’ charter requirements.  RAC’s contacts and experience saves the client time and money by honing available options and tailoring them to specific needs thereby eliminating any other searching by the client.

The Right Decision

Rock-It Air Charter’s brokerage experience and track record will give the client all the information necessary to make informed, economical and intelligent decisions.