The World of Private Aircraft Charters

Rock-It Air Charter is committed to fulfilling two main objectives – providing unique and more specialized services and ensuring the absolute safety of our clients. With our commitment to fulfill these objectives, our clients benefit from secure charter plane flights where they can feel at ease and relax or prepare for the activities that await them in their destination.
Rock-It Air Charter takes pride in providing customized services for high-profile clients. Our staff understands and anticipates client needs, particularly from celebrities who require personal attention. We can provide customized premium services and seek professional assistance, no matter how unique and diverse. We have a global network composed of liaisons, who can provide valuable help 24/7 whenever there is a need for special arrangements.
We have an unblemished track record, which is unsurpassed in the industry in providing the safest charter jet flights. Because client safety and security are our top priorities, we employ professionals and work only with the most reliable aircraft charter operators. We monitor and update our charter database with the latest regulatory and safety compliance of our carriers.
Aircraft maintenance records are meticulously scrutinized and proper certifications are required before a Rock-It Air Charter flight is authorized. The absolute safety of our clients is our main concern. We share this same level of commitment with the operators for whom we secure aircrafts for charter.
Rock-It Air Charter flights are arranged with utmost discretion to preserve the privacy of our clients. We keep charter information confidential – from the initial booking and planning to facilitating airport arrangements. Only our clients and their personal staff know about the arrangements that we have secured as the charter agent throughout the trip.
Rock-It Air Charter LLL (RIAC) acts as your agent in negotiating and facilitating transportation with licensed air carriers. We do not own, lease or operate aircraft, and we are not affiliated with any carrier. We work independently, thereby securing the best charter contracts for our clients. We furnish additional information about the company on client’s request.