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Private Jet Charters

Enjoy safe and confidential air charter service in flights managed by highly skilled industry professionals. Whether you require a luxury corporate jet or a carrier airplane, we can secure the most appropriate charter deal for your tour. Our service covers airport services from departure to arrival, including land transport services, if necessary. Step into a Rock-It Air Charter flight and enjoy the pleasure of flying in style.

World Wide Tours

Take advantage of our expertise and extensive experience in handling worldwide tours. Our charter flights are international in scope, and we can provide options for landing in airports that are not open to commercial flights. Communicate with Rock-It Air Charter to get the full range of services, charter aircraft rates and charter flight deals that the best in the industry offers.

Film and Video Logistics

You can rely on Rock-It Air Charter to facilitate arrangements for small commercial shoots and complete feature films. The company extends aviation logistics and support to clients engaged in film and video production. We can arrange charters for any type of aircraft, including ground equipment and access to airport locations

Additional Services

You can arrange special services with Rock-It Air charter to make your world tour more comfortable. Let us know your needs and preferences.

Safe and Secure Charter Flights

Our main priority is the safety and security of our clients. Rock-It Air Charter contracts aircraft from charter operators with the best safety records and complete aviation certificates. Strictly maintained facilities and compliance with regulations provide the highest assurance for safe charter flights.

Customized Services

We understand that clients have personal preferences and special requirements. Thus, we are prepared to provide customized services to ensure that you fly in comfort from the time you board your charter plane, and leave the airport to the time you reach your destination. We monitor the progress of your travel, and our staff is always prepared to deal with contingencies.

Client Privacy

We make discrete arrangements for your charter flights and in contracting professional services if these are necessary. From the initial booking to the final destination, you have an assurance that your travel plans are known only by your most trusted companions and the charter personnel who are directly involved in your flight.

Welcome Aboard

Travel in comfort and style through the customized First Class international charter jet flights provided by Rock-It Air Charter. We provide access to a global fleet of airplane charter from Boeing jumbo planes to private jet services. The company operates 24/7 to ensure quick response to customer queries and touring requests. Arrangements include concierge services facilitated through our liaisons in a global operations network.

Our staff is dedicated to meet the demands of the most discriminating clientele. Touring artists and their support crews, businessmen and professionals can leave flight plans and logistics to the capable hands of Rock-It Air Charter staff and professional travel liaisons worldwide. Flight plans are customized to your requirements. We also provide on-call services to facilitate routing and aircraft changes.

Rock-It Air Charter

The hallmarks of our charter flights are safety, specialized services, and client privacy. We make charter arrangements with the professional aircraft operators with utmost compliance to safety. Our liaison network is global, allowing us to facilitate security arrangements for your arrival and departure from commercial and private airports. Most importantly, our staff knows how to make discreet arrangements, thereby safeguarding your privacy.

Steve Nevius, President
Rock-It Air Charters

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